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What We Do

Price Intelligence

Know your competitors prices on a daily (or more frequent) basis.

Assortment Intelligence

Know the range of product offering in the market at any given time.

Product Availability Mapping

Receive alerts when your competitors products become unavailable.

Minimum Advertised Price

Make sure that your retail partners and or competitors are adhering to pricing policies.

Who We Do It For


Through you can:


you can:

Rogue sellers monitored for selling under the MAP

Market Share monitoring by brand and specific product offer

Understand market tendencies and regional product offer when planning production and designing new products

Brand Protection services to identify the source seller of branded products on third party marketplaces (additional service to standard product).

Understand market tendencies and regional product offer when planning production and designing new products


Through you can:


you can:

Negotiate better purchasing prices through market Share monitoring through brand and specific product offer.

Maintain yourself one step ahead of the competition via Competitor price monitoring

Interpret your competitor´s strategy with competitor positioning and offer reports

Never be caught off guard with the emergence of new players

Level the playing field when our system identifies unfair pricing practices performed by competitors and report to distributers and Manufacturers to level the playing field.


Through you can:


you can:

Monitor all your products and competitors within each Marketplace

See who is in the Buy Box that your company wants to conquer

Everything you need to know about exposing your store in the Marketplaces in one place

Daily and automatic update of your portfolio

Quickly access price history data

Monitor prices with real-time updates

Identify competing sellers

Our Clients

Real Time Update

Price Changes

Our Team

WebGlobal is a startup born in 2011 in São Leopoldo within the technological park of Unisinos, in southern Brazil.

We are an information technology hub which develops intelligent and innovative solutions aimed at monitoring online big data.

The team is composed of 35 professionals from various fields of knowledge, including programmers, designers, journalists, internet experts (SEO and ecommerce), marketers, and specialists in research and classification of consumer goods.


Maurício Cardoso

Co-founder & CEO

CEO of WebGlobal, has been working in the area of ecommerce since 2007, when he began his career in the direction of WebContinental. With great experience in the Digital Market, the entrepreneur is since 2014 director of ABComm/RS (Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association), being a speaker at several events on the Ecommerce and Digital Marketing sector.


Juliano Berlitz

Co-founder & CTO

CTO of WebGlobal, developing solutions focused on e-commerce. In addition to having a degree in Digital Games from the Vale do Rio dos Sinos University, he has been working in the Information Technology market since 2009, highlighting the creation of the WebBot robot, a unique technology to monitor online stores and millions of products in real time.


Victoria Winter

Regional Director - Europe

In the role of European Regional Director, Victoria counts on professional experience in commercial, business development and general management roles across 4 continents in the areas of e-commerce, media and communication, and tourism. Now based in Lisbon, she heads the Europe office and she and her team assist e-commerce, manufacturers and importers to create a strategic advantage over competitors with the use of Web Global's Big Data Analytics system.

Why Choose Us

High level accuracy with double-check system; dynamic Digital Intelligence System and (super) human team;

Quick set-up;

Real time monitoring;

Easy to use system and intelligent reports;

Full support from real humans;

Customised tracking and reporting;

Option of a standard or tailored package. We listen and mould to give you the best results.

Contact Us

We are happy to advise that we’ve expanded and now attend throughout Europe.
Our headquarters are in Lisbon.
You can contact us on +351 219 680 090 / +351 967 269 454
or fill the form below and we´ll reach out to you to discuss how we can best assist you.

Service and support is from 9am to 5pm (UTC +00:00) mon - fri, and is available in Portuguese and English.

Av. Dom João II, 35 - 11º Floor
Parque das Nações - Lisboa 1990-083 - Portugal